Friday, August 15, 2008

Phelps's Mustache Joins Obama's VP Search Team

Chicago, IL--

In an unexpected move, the mustache once attached to Olympic phenom Michael Phelps has joined Barack Obama's Vice Presidential search team.

Eric Holder and Caroline Kennedy, the other members of the search committee, welcomed the announcement with a joint statement:

"We are thrilled to have Michael Phelps's mustache join the Obama team. Though this addition is quite late in the game, as we have done the vast amount of vetting required for this process, Senator Obama insisted that we add the mustache to our committee and give it full access to the records of all the Vice Presidential nominees. We look forward to working with Michael Phelps's mustache as we work to elect Barack Obama as the next President of the United States."

The move was met with skepticism in the McCain campaign. McCain campaign manager Rick Davis sent out a short press release arguing that Obama "is just trying to paint himself as a true-blooded American," and that "the American people are smarter than this." Davis also noted that McCain has been endorsed by 1964 gold medal swimmer Don Schollander's toupee, legendary basketball coach John Wooden's arthritis, and Ted Williams' head.

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