Friday, August 15, 2008

Phelps' Secret: "I'm Allergic to Bronze and Silver"


In an interview Friday in Beijing, Michael Phelps revealed to sports reporter Howard Cosell (after he brought Cosell back to life using DNA strands and nerve tissue) that he is allergic to bronze and silver, and thus has to win the gold. When Cosell remarked, " could just not win a medal," Phelps snapped, "What the hell are you getting at Cosell?" Phelps then promptly ended Cosell's life, again.

It is said that Phelps is allergic to the thermal conductivity of Silver (which is 429.0 w/m/k) which reacts harshly to his skin. It is unknown as to why bronze has a similar effect. The OIC is taking the matter into investigation, as well as trying to bring Cosell back to life for a third time, to see what else Phelps might have said.

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