Thursday, August 14, 2008

Phelps Disses "Dark Knight," WB Pulls Movie

Hollywood --

Michael Phelps spoke with reporters after seeing new Batman saga "The Dark Knight," in Hollywood last night and said, "I thought it was horrid. Was that guy really a girl? I just didn't understand..." Warner Brothers CEO Barry Meyer promptly pulled the film from American screens citing " error in the closing credits".

However, Hollywood insiders say a late-night meeting was called between Meyer, Director Christopher Nolan, and actor Morgan Freeman, who was airlifted from a Memphis hospital to attend. The meeting was only scheduled after Phelps comments that same afternoon.

A member of Meyer's staff, on condition of anonymity, reported there was over 20 minutes of screaming and muffled crying during the secret meeting, as well as broken sentences containing frequent mention of goggle elastic and gold medals. Phelps refused to elaborate any further on the movie, only saying " that was a good movie!" After his comments, Phelps jumped off the Santa Monica pier and showed up in Beijing today for his final tonight. Warner Brother has since said "The Dark Knight" will no longer be on screens, and will only be available on VHS.

Above: Phelps coming out of a private screening of "The Dark Knight"

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