Thursday, August 14, 2008

Phelps Powers Iowa Farm

Maquoketa, Iowa--

David Shockey's dairy farm had been without power for weeks, due to a recent tornado which knocked out power to much of the Maquoketa area. None of the farm's milking machines were powered, leaving Shockey to milk the large herd of cattle by hand, greatly reducing the farm's income. Shockey's wife, Judith, had resorted to boiling lake water over her gas stove in order to ensure its safety.
Phelps, in town promoting tonight's 200m freestyle individual race, in which he is the favorite to take gold, spoke with Shockey after a promotional event with his primary sponsor, Speedo.
"He just couldn't believe we didn't have power," Shockey said, "and he asked me to take him to the farm."
At the farm, Phelps asked for jumper cables and told Shockey and his family to stand back so as not get hurt.
"He put the jumper cables on the back of his ankles, and attached the other end to the milker machine" Shockey said, "and he just started spinning his arms. He was going so fast, I thought we were all going to blow over."

Asked to comment, Phelps said, "I like to get my milk straight from the udder, as it is freshest and most nutritious that way, but these folks out here have got to make a living. It was the least I could do."
(Photo: Phelps demonstrates the way in which he spun his arms to power David Shockey's farm in Maquoketa, Iowa)

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