Sunday, August 17, 2008

In Some Confusion, Phelps Gives Back Prize 8


Phelps firmly placed himself in Olympic history yesterday by winning 8 total gold medals in the 2008 Summer games--a perfect record by the American. However, today NBC has reported that Phelps has given back the 8 medals he won saying, "I don't know what these are for...why are all the cameras here? I was just going for a swim." The IOC are trying to negotiate with Phelps, but admitted the whole situation was "very, very confusing."

It appears that Phelps was just in Beijing's 'Water Cube' by chance, and didn't even mean to compete. The move was welcome by most other countries who placed, particularly France who is petitioning the IOC for the medals. Reporters swarmed Phelps for more answers, to which he only said "What is my mom doing here?"

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