Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Michael Phelps Engineers Social Networking Breakthrough

Beijing, China--

Frustrated by his inability to communicate while breaking world records in the pool, Michael Phelps announced the creation of a new social networking tool which will help swimmers bring about social change in the developing world.

Called "Twater," the new service will aid underwater heroes all over the world by allowing short, pithy statements to by typed into specially-wired Speedos and displayed instantly on computers all over the world.

Though Phelps was unable to come to the surface for comment, he said on his Twater page, "This s a gr8 tool for diplomaC. Bono wants N."

Other recently updated messages from Phelps's Twater page included the following:
"Talked to Sarko abt Georgia. Think its fixed."
"Gas now 2 $ a gal. Ur welcome."
"Its spelled Twater, not Twatter."

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