Saturday, August 16, 2008

Apple's Steve Jobs: "Phelps Inspired and Invented the iPhone"

Cupertino, CA --

Steve Jobs held a press conference today and revealed that Michael Phelps was the inspiration behind the iPhone.  Jobs said in a pre-written statement, "I am very pleased with the public reaction behind the iPhone, and it has allowed Apple to break another front in technology.  I must admit, however, that Apple cannot single-handedly take credit for this ground-breaking product.  In early 2003 Michael Phelps approached me with the idea, and at first I was skeptical--not to mention perplexed as to even how such technology would be created.  However, Phelps came with the idea, design, and even a prototype.  After discussion with our engineers they said it was the beyond the scope of our labs."  

Jobs then said that Phelps went to his car, got a large box from the trunk and brought the proper equipment to the lab to their amazement.  "He essentially gave us everything we needed," Jobs said.  Phelps then tossed his car keys to them and swam away through the sewer system.  The Apple CEO refused comment when asked if Phelps was behind the iPod as well.  

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