Thursday, August 21, 2008

Phelps Leaps In to Save Child; Then Leaves Him In Water


According to eyewitnesses, Michael Phelps was swimming in a local London swimming pool when he noticed a young 4-year-old struggling to keep his head above water.  The boy, Peter Smedley, then began to drown when Phelps leapt in the pool to save him.  However, a bystander closer to Smedley swam to him before Phelps could reach him, and then pulled him to safety.  

Several eyewitnesses then say Phelps became visibly angry, and threw both back in the pool.  When Smedley and his savior, David Divelwhite, attempted to get back out of the water several times, Phelps stood at the foot of the water and continued to push them back in, shouting, "You want to be a hero again?!"  Phelps then threw all his gold medals at the pair's heads, save one which appeared to be melded to his skin.  Though traumatized, the victims are recovering nicely in their respective London homes.

Above: an angry Phelps captured by a bystander cellphone, at the time of the incident.

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