Thursday, August 28, 2008

Emeril Debuts "Essence of Michael Phelps" Seasoning

New Orleans--

Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse has debuted the most recent seasoning blend in his line of "Essence" spices. The spice blend will be packaged under the name, "Emeril's Essence of Michael Phelps."

Lagasse, best known for his work on television's Food Network, announced the new label at his flagship restaraunt in New Orleans, with Phelps at his side.

"I am proud to announce the latest in my series of spices," Lagasse said. "This blend will kick just about anything up a notch: chicken, fish, pool water, or beef. There is simply nothing more awesome than the Essence of Michael Phelps."

Asked to describe the seasoning, Phelps said, "It has hints of sweat, black pepper, and garlic powder, with the heart of a champion."
(Photo: Emeril Lagasse announces his new seasoning blend, the Essence of Michael Phelps)

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