Monday, August 18, 2008

Evidence: Phelps Created "Your Mom" and "That's What She Said" Jokes

New York--

After a blistering Olympic run over the past week in Beijing, Michael Phelps has produced several documents which show he was the comedy mastermind behind popular 'Your mom' and 'That's what she said' jokes, which frequently appear in common vernacular as well as TV sitcoms such as NBC's The Office.

Phelps said he developed the phrases around the age of four, when he was taunting fellow swim-class competition, and continues to use them today in the pool towards competitors. The District Court of New York has confirmed these documents to be authentic and plans to address their public use in a mandate requested by Phelps. Writers of The Office were stunned and simply said, "We effectively have no more jokes. We don't know how to proceed at this point..."

Above: Phelps after learning that his jokes had been picked up by big-network sitcoms.

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