Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Phelps Featured on Bravo's Project Runway

New York--

Michael Phelps will be featured on tonight's episode of Bravo smash Project Runway, MPSC has learned.

The eleven remaining designers were tasked with creating an outfit for Michael Phelps using nothing but the eight gold medals he has won at this year's Beijing Olympics.

--Spoiler Alert--

The winning design was created by twenty-three year old contestant Blayne of Yakima, Washington. Blayne used the medals to create a bikini top for Phelps. Rather than making a bottom, Blayne made use of the Speedo that Phelps has had surgically attached to his groin area. Phelps will be featured wearing Blayne's design on this week's issue of Sports Illustrated Magazine.
The eliminated contestant was leather designer Stella (nicknamed Cheroin by fans of the show, as she resembles a strung-out version of the pop star). Stella's design included several studs and lots of leater. Stella attempted to pierce Phelps's nipple in order to connect the medals to his chest via a chain, but Phelps chose to forego the piercing, arguing that it would make his body less aerodynamic.

(Photo: Blayne's winning design)

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