Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Visiting the Today Show, Michael Phelps Undoes Al Roker's Gastric Bypass

New York--

On a visit to the Today Show to promote his endorsements and speak to fans, Michael Phelps stunned a nationwide audience by removing the plastic band from Al Roker's stomach.

Hosts Matt Lauer and Meredith Viera could only watch in horror as Phelps removed the band which had previously surrounded Roker's stomach, enabling Roker to eat whatever he wanted without feeling nauseous after only a few bites.

Roker, who had actually undergone adjustable gastric banding surgery rather than the related gastric bypass, looked confused just after the band was removed, but immediately thanked the swimmer and asked for a smoothie.

"I used to eat fast food all the time," Roker said, "and I am a lot hungrier now, but thanks to Michael, all I want to eat is fresh fruit and tofu. Man, this is great."

Phelps declined comment.

(Photo: Roker, in this undated photo, has been empowered by Michael Phelps to watch his weight on his own, rather than relying on a surgical technique)

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